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Honor is ramping up the hype for its forthcoming Honor Magic 5 Pro launch at MWC by previewing a new AI-based camera feature that promsies to catch the snap at the perfect moment.

The new camera tech will apparently be optimised with AI in order to capture fast-moving images “showing the best moment of sport movement”.

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To emphasise the point, the company set out to capture an all-action snap of a Guinness World Record being broken for the highest ever between the legs basketball slam dunk. Gimmicky? Yes. Intriguing? Also yes.

The image in question is certainly a doozy, but we’re yet to learn the specifics of how Honor’s new AI tech enabled it to be captured or how it was achieved. So, at the moment, it’s just a nice picture of a basketball dunk taken with a smartphone with a tease of an explanation later this month.

What the company appears to be getting at is a feature that will be able to predict precisely when to capture the best aspect of the image and do so without motion-based distortion. The company is promising a full reveal during its MWC 2023 press conference on February 27.

Predictive shooting is a feature we’ve seen other smartphone manufacturers experiment with for years now. Sony, for example, has had a Predictive Camera feature that begins shooting automatically the moment an object enters the frame. This isn’t powered by AI though, so it’ll be interesting to see how Honor explains its own means of capturing the peak shot.

Sony says: “It detects movement in front of the camera lens and starts to buffer images while you’re preparing to shoot. So if you clicked too late, just go back and choose from up to four captured photos taken from around one second before you clicked the camera button.”

How will Honor’s tech be different? We’ll find out in less than two weeks.


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