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Artificial intelligence can be “dangerous in the wrong hands” and needs to be regulated, an expert said.

Earlier this year a snap of four almost identical camgirls caused a stir online after Twitter users struggled to work out whether the women were real or had been AI-generated.

The picture left many wondering whether artificial images could replace real-life OnlyFans models.

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One Twitter account wrote: “Image generation technologies like deep fakes/DALL-e will completely put OnlyFans out of business,” while another added: “I’d pay for images like this, even if I knew it’s not real.”

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And expert Nicholas Crouch from believes this is the least of our worries.

He told the Daily Star: “Like any new technology, deep faking has the potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands.

“There is certainly a place for the light-hearted comedy of seeing celebrities portrayed in comical instances, as well as its use as a tool in the movie industry.

“However, in recent times we have seen the tech used to create videos of influential figures promoting the likes of cryptocurrency scams and posing as high-ranking company directors to try and leak sensitive data that could have damaging repercussions.”

Artificial intelligence Some people believe stunning AI images could spell the end for OnlyFans models (stock) (Image: NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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Crouch previously weighed in on the debate over the viral snap of the camgirls that sent social media into a meltdown, claiming it was probably fake.

“In the instance of these images, there are some indications that they are AI-generated,” he told the Star.

“Firstly, the biggest tell is the hands, which seem to be misshaped and in unnatural positions. Secondly, the faces of everyone in each image seem oddly similar as if a database has generated the face and repeated the process several times.

Artificial intelligence Crouch explained how to spot whether a picture is real or fake (stock) (Image: Getty Images)

“Lastly, as accurate as the hair may seem, upon closer inspection it would appear that areas have been blended or airbrushed over as if a program has tried to hide imperfections within the creation.”

And Crouch was eager to explain how ordinary people can spot an artificially-generated image or a deep fake video themselves, describing key tips for identifying inauthentic content.

“Slowing down the alleged deepfake video will exaggerate any flaws in facial movement,” he explained.

“As your face is made up of 43 muscles, it is impossible for AI to replicate exactly how someone’s facial structure moves without a perfect 3D mapping of your face.

Artificial intelligence Crouch thinks deep fakes can be fun – but said we need to be careful (stock) (Image: Getty Images)

“Secondly, the audio doesn’t always match how the mouth is moving. This is because how a person talks and emotes is unique to them, so to get a perfect match is not entirely possible.”

Despite the obvious signs, however, Crouch admitted that most people could still be caught out by AI-generated images and videos and that there should be legislation to stop this technology from ending up in “the wrong hands”.

“[AI’s] popularity stems from people’s fascination with the latest technology,” he told the Star.

“It’s new and exciting, and unlike anything we’ve seen, generating scarily accurate renditions of people that make you question whether what you’re watching is reality or artificially engineered.

“Surprisingly, despite the negative implications that deep faking can have, it is still a legal tool to use to the public.

“I believe that the technology needs to be regulated in a way that holds the creators accountable for their content, and only allows the production of content with the permission of the individual being represented.”

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