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Something in this era of AI-generated art feels debased, devalued. That something is me, the artist.


Catch Print Pomona Art Book Fair at the Benton Museum of Art

More than 50 national and international exhibitors will showcase artist’s books, art catalogs, print ephemera, and more at PPABF in Claremont, California.

The Preserved Beauty of Italian Island Traditions

Alys Tomlinson traveled between Sardinia, Sicily, and the islands of the Venetian lagoon to document traditional community festivals.

A Day With the NY Sanitation Department’s Resident Artist

sTo Len, whose fascination with waste removal started when he was a child, is the agency’s current artist in residence.

University of Arizona Presents North American Premiere of Linda McCartney Retrospective

The exhibition celebrates Linda McCartney’s 30-year, barrier-breaking career and her connection to Tucson.

New Public Art to Honor NYC’s Second African Burial Ground

The burial ground resurfaced in 2006, when construction crews working on the New Museum’s extension found human remains.

The World Has One Less Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog”

An art collector accidently shattered a $42,000 “Balloon Dog” by Koons at an art fair in Miami.

Andrea Chung Interprets a Utopian Black Atlantis in New Work at John Michael Kohler Arts Center

The large-scale installation in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, explores motherhood, the legacy and trauma of slavery, and Black temporality.

LA’s Spring Break Art Show Is a Wacky Lucid Dream

Shuffling between a tattoo-parlor-slash-glory-hole and vibey sound chandeliers, I was reminded of the artistry and creativity this show welcomes.

Tamales, Celebs, and Hungry Collectors at Frieze LA

Despite reports of booming business and a more open art world, much of it remains opaque.

Hartford Art School Celebrates Resident Artists Chiraag Bhakta and Genevieve de Leon

New works by the inaugural Whitney Artist-in-Residence and the Georgette and Richard Koopman Distinguished Chair in the Visual Arts will be on view at the University of Hartford’s Galleries.

Nazi Symbol Appears on Fence Outside LACMA

A video shared online shows a swastika that appears to transform into an emblem of the Islamic Republic taped to a fence in front of the museum.

Required Reading

This week, a new portrait of André Breton, the problem with painted shadows, the story of a misidentified 19th-century potter, and more.

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Noah Fischer’s work highlights intersections between economic and social inequity and art institutions. His sculpture, drawing, performance, writing, and organizing practice fluctuate between object making… More by Noah Fischer


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