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Courtesy Chat GPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the talk of the town. Though ChatGPT has made it a part of the mainstream narrative, AI has been around for a while. Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are all heavily invested in AI as well as machine learning to make digital life better.

Hey Siri, Alexa, And Assistant
The voice-based assistants from Amazon, Apple, and Google work on AI-based voice recognition technology. Google has Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI technology developed for Assistant that allows it to understand and respond in a way that mimics human communication.

Spam Filters In Gmail
Google’s spam filtering tech is powered by AI, which it says blocks close to 10 million spam emails each minute. Further, it also helps avoid phishing attempts and malware infiltration.

Predictive Text
Ever wondered how the iPhone or any other smartphone is smart enough to predict text that you may want to write? That’s because of an AI algorithm that does its job in the background.

Better Photos
AI cameras are in smartphones, too. These can easily identify the subject and optimise the settings to click the right picture. Be it food photography or in different settings — beach, portrait, outdoors — it is AI and computational photography that make sure smartphone cameras deliver great images.


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