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AI certifications are in as vast a number as there are applications. Certification holders are able to adapt a truly versatile set of skills into a multitude of professional environments across various industries. Microsoft, in particular, as a cemented front runner in the technology industry, offers the opportunity to obtain credentials verified at industry standards.

Microsoft offers a number of AI certifications that span from a foundational level to more advanced applications. The use of artificial intelligence spans from basic automation to higher-level, complex applications. More popular AI certification courses offered by Microsoft revolve around big data management (a true challenge if attempted manually) and crafting bespoke automation solutions using Microsoft Azure. 

Popular Microsoft AI Certification Courses

DP-200T01: Implementing an Azure Data Solution Certification Training

Big data management is easier with solutions built to tackle the same. Microsoft offers the DP-200T01 course to equip candidates with an understanding of data platform technologies and incorporate the same into solutions that facilitate both corporate and practical operational requirements. Crafting solutions that include on-premise, cloud, and hybrid data processing scenarios with relational and no-SQL data are an integral part of the course structure. Azure offers the ability to problem solve and introduce firm internal optimization in case of a security threat; the course ensures candidates are able to do the same. 


The prerequisites for the course are the completion of two other Microsoft certifications; AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals and DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals. The course consists of nine modules with practical labs for each module. 


DP-201T01: Designing an Azure Data Solution Certification Training

Much like the previous course DP-200T01, the objective of the Designing an Azure Data Solution course is to ensure graduating candidates are able to introduce diverse data platform technologies that integrate into goal-based and practical requirements. Creating a practical balance between on-premise, cloud and hybrid data solutions to achieve business objectives is ingrained into the course. The course is best suited for professionals working within data management under data architecture or business intelligence.


The course spans over two days and is held virtually. The structure includes six modules with practical labs for a more hands-on experience. The courses are instructor-led and available online based on your availability.


DP-100T01: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

This Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure is a 3-day instructor-led course, which is an intermediate level with English being the primary medium of delivery. The DP-100 course objective is to introduce machine learning mechanisms at a cloud-based scale with Azure Machine Learning as the method of delivery. Candidates are able to combine the skills of Python coding with machine learning to offer comprehensive data preparation and ingestion solutions while simultaneously offering training and deployment around models that could be the right fit for an organization. 


The course is strongly recommended for professionals working within data science fields with working knowledge of Python and ML application frameworks, including PyTorch and Tensorflow. Prerequisites for the course include;


  • Being able to create cloud resources within Microsoft Azure
  • Utilizing Python to explore and depict data
  • Container manipulation
  • Validating and Training machine learning models with commonly used frameworks such as Scikit-Learn, PyTorch and TensorFlow. 


AI-102: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution AI-102

Through this Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution course, candidates are able to craft an Azure AI solution through the construction of customer support chatbots that run on artificial intelligence. The AI is provided by the Microsoft Azure platform that helps with language understanding and pre-configured AI functionality available within the cognitive services provided by Azure. The course is strongly recommended for individuals working within the cloud solution space, including architects and Azure artificial intelligence designers/AI developers. 


In order to successfully complete the course, it is recommended for students to have knowledge with implementation of solutions in C# or Python, application development abilities within the cloud and the ability to understand Azure storage.


Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 Certification Training

The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 examination is used to ensure candidates possess strong foundational knowledge of both ML and AI concepts and maximizing their application with the help of Microsoft Azure. Successfully completing the examination displays firm skills with ML and AI application. Candidates from both technical and non-technical backgrounds can sit the examination. While it is recommended to have foundational data science and software engineering experience, it is not necessary though programming knowledge would definitely assist the candidate.


The exam cost is on average, around USD $99 depending on where the country the examination is proctored from. It is offered in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, French and Spanish. Free online study materials are provided on the website with an option to sit an instructor-led paid course. 




Reasons to choose Microsoft AI Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A wide range of Microsoft AI certification courses across various learning paths and categories
  • Expert Microsoft AI instructors with on the job experience to help professionals to gain a proper understanding of using the technology
  • Receive Microsoft AI certification course materials along with practical lab sessions to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and best practices
  • Get Microsoft AI training from a Microsoft Gold Partner who can deliver this training worldwide for both individuals and enterprises
  • Flexibility to take up your artificial intelligence courses in both 4 hours/ day and 8 hours/ day options on weekdays and weekends 
  • Option to customize your AI certification courses according to business goals and learning requirements
  • Microsoft AI certification exam sample practice tests and practice lab sessions to help you familiarize yourself with exam formats across courses
  • Get the option to take up your Microsoft AI certification training in different learning delivery modes, which include classroom, live online, 1-on-1, and on-site training


Benefits of Microsoft AI Certification Training

  1. Obtaining an industry-acknowledge Microsoft AI certification from a company as relevant within the technology industry is sure to set prospective hires apart from their peers
  2. Join the ever-growing community of Microsoft certified professionals as Microsoft not only has access to the best technology but the latest within the field
  3. Microsoft AI certification training creates an opportunity to equip a professional with the most relevant knowledge of today and tomorrow 
  4. Microsoft AI certification credential certainly acts as a clear marker for hiring parties; this information can build strong advantages in terms of dealing with competitors and staying relevant
  5. For professionals with the newfound Microsoft AI skills are guaranteed to not only be in higher demand but enter organizations with better starting salaries and better positions 


Salary prospects for Microsoft AI Certified Professionals

With Artificial Intelligence making entry across industry sectors, professionals and enterprise teams need relevant tools to make processes efficient, low cost, and devoid of human errors. In this regard, Microsoft AI tools have found greater acceptance in a market that is still implementing AI and ML to their business-critical processes. As companies are experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, there is a limited supply of skilled professionals who can perform key activities for the same. Moreover, Microsoft AI certified professionals are the most sought-after and highly paid individuals as well. Let’s check out their salaries worldwide.


United States : USD 98,000 to USD 192,000

United Kingdom : Pounds 17,000 to 97,000

India : Rupees 11 lakhs to 44 lakhs 

Australia : AUD 75,000 to 168,000 

UAE : AED 192,000 to 440,000

Singapore : SGD 66,000 to 100,000


Job Prospects for Microsoft AI Certified Professionals

The workplace is becoming completely digital, and it needs a skilled workforce to take on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, data science, AR/VR, IoT, ML, Big Data, and more. To be part of such an involving workspace, professionals and students need to be part of next-gen training programs such as Microsoft AI certification courses. With increasing demand, there is a very less supply of professionals with AI-related skills. Some of the top companies that are actively hiring Microsoft AI certified professionals include Capgemini, Cognizant, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, Medidata Solutions, Futrend Technology, USC, Tesla, Lockheed Martin, Aveva, and more.


Do check your local job listings to find relevant job opportunities for Microsoft AI certified professionals in your region.




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