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AI Smart Stabilized Tripod

AI Smart Stabilized Tripod

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Step up your photography and videography game with the AI Smart Stabilized Tripod – the ultimate companion for capturing stunning content! This isn't just any ordinary selfie stick – it's a game-changer packed with innovative features to take your creativity to new heights. Designed with sleek sophistication, this tripod stands out with its motion control capability. With a simple gesture, you can start and stop recording, giving you seamless control over your shots. Say goodbye to awkward angles and hello to smooth, professional-looking footage. Whether you're a vlogger, content creator, or simply love capturing moments, the AI Smart Stabilized Tripod is your ticket to effortless perfection. Elevate your content creation journey – grab yours today and let your creativity soar!

Product Color: Black, White
Rotation Angle: 360 degrees
Flip: X: 360° (left and right) / Y: 190° (up and down)
Travel: Max: 8.2/min: 5
Tracking Mode:  AI Face Tracking
Speed: About 90°/S
Field of View: 90 degrees
Battery Capacity: 2200mHh
Endurance: About 6-8 hours
Charging Port: type-c
Power: 5V 1A
Body Size: 19.7 (height) x5.2 (body diameter)
Base Size: 10cm/3.93in
Unit Weight: About 320g
Distance: Minimum installation height 0 m, distance should be ≥ 1 m for monitoring

Package Includes:
1X 360 Rotation Phone Gimbal
1 X Charging Cable
1 X Manual

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